Global Handling solutions
for container terminals

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Cranes, systems & services with the latest technologies for the container handling industry. As part of the Paceco group we can offer more than 50 years of proven reliability.

PACECO ESPAÑA, S.A. is the PACECO licensee for Europe, Mediterranean, Atlantic side of the Americas (North, Central, Caribbean and South) and West Africa.


  • Concentrated on a regional scale for the best service to our customers.

  • Flexibility to adapt to customer needs with the latest technological solutions.

  • European manufacture to guarantee the highest quality of the market at an affordable price.

  • Customized service proposals to secure  the complete life cycle cost.

  • Simple maintenance, functional (responsive & quick), productive, experienced & reliable.

  • Innovation is the core of our strategy: The future is now

  • Automation is the way forward

  • Taking care of the world, ecological

PACECO's Timeline

Our Team

PACECO ESPAÑA, S.A. is a team with a very high qualified staff, including Senior Engineers with more than 30 years of experience in the container crane business.

Our company has contributed to the success of a large number of container terminals since 1989.

Looking ahead: We believe in the continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellency by means of the constant development of our technologies.




URSSA, S. COOP. is a Steel Construction company doing Steel Global Project Management, including engineering (design, connections, calculations and workshop drawings), manufacturing, painting, international logistic and on site erection of all kind of Steel Structures as commercial buildings, bridges, industrial buildings and capital goods. It is the major shareholder of PACECO ESPAÑA S. A. which holds 70% of shares.

In 1927, MITSUI Group established as the Shipbuilding Division of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in Tamano City (Presently), Okayama Pref. Currently, it holds 30% of PACECO’s shares.

M.E.S. is the leading Japanese Engineering and Shipbuilding Company. They have achieved an important industrial diversification of high value products dedicated to Ship & Ocean Projects, Logistic systems, construction of social infrastructure, energy systems, advanced machinery systems, plant constructions, environment & recycling, IT related activities.


PACECO ® is an acronym that originally derives from the name of the engineering company Pacific coast Engineering Company, which started the container crane industry when is designed and manufactured the world’s first container crane for the loading and unloading of ships in 1958, for Matson Navigation Company. There immediately arose the need to develop a different crane for the handling of containers stored on yard, creating tha yard crane, either rail mounted or rubber-tyred, and the ship-mounted gantry crane for handling containers on ships that reached intermediate ports.

The Paceco Corp. World Headquarters is located in Hayward, California. The Paceco Corp. aftermarket support crane parts office is located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

PACECO Corp. manufactures and develops equipment that enables ports to handle cargo productively, efficiently, and reliably. Our trademarked cranes, the PORTAINER crane for vessel handling, and the TRANSTAINER crane for yardside handling, are recognized by the port industry as the highest quality cranes available. PACECO Corp. additionally develops technologies to improve cargo security, environmental friendliness, as well as software integration with other terminal systems.