Innovation and Product Development

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Paceco España Innovation and Product Development Team  mission is to define and implement the corporate R&D strategy, in close cooperation with Paceco Corp (USA) and Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding (Japan).

We run an open innovation model, developing most of our R&D or product launch projects through collaborations with external partners, such as universities, applied research institutions or consultants. This gives us the capability to run simultaneously several R&D projects of high technical complexity.

PESA R&D strategy is based on 7 main streamlines, each with their own projects road maps. Those are:

  1. 1. Container Logistics and Terminal Models
  2. 2. Man-machine interaction improvement
  3. 3. Electrical control and crane automation systems development
  4. 4. Yard cranes development
  5. 5. Ship to shore cranes development
  6. 6. Terminal Operating systems development
  7. 7. Internal processes improvement

Our R&D Team

PESA Innovation and Product Development team includes senior electrical, mechanical, electronic and system engineers, making of us a highly multidisciplinary team able to face complex projects.

Our output so far

PESA R&D team has accomplished the and launched to the market following projects/products:

  • NRTG: The next generation of the Transtainer RTG crane. A highly modular and customizable machine, with low TCO and thought for automation
  • HDG: A retrofit kit to convert any RTG into a hybrid RTG
  • PEYC: The PESA Yard Crane Control Platform: A crane open operating system thought for automation

And now, what are we working on ?

Now, PESA Innovation and Product Development team is focused in developing new solutions for yard automation, both at crane and system levels, some big improvements on STS cranes and further development of our hybridation technology.