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PACECO ESPAÑA has a highly qualified customer service at your disposal which is committed to their customer´s business and that extends to the complete life cycle of your equipment. We are immediately available on a worldwide level for any damage arising in cranes or TOS systems: our main aim is to find solutions in order to minimize unnecessary stop time, thus actively contributing to the profitability of our customers´ business.
In case of breakdown in cranes or TOS systems, PACECO ESPAÑA customers may contact us on the following phone from Monday to Thursday from 08.00-17.15 hours, Fridays from 08.00 to 14.00 hours and during the months of July and August from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 15.00 hours : + 34 674 338 059
Outside of these hours, please contact the number of PACECO Spain 24-hour emergency assistance : + 34 902999623


Spare Parts

  • Electrical Spare Parts

  • Mechanical Spare Parts

  • Commercial Spare Parts

  • PACECO OEM Spare Parts

  • Recommended Spare Parts

  • Safety related Spare Parts

  • Spare Parts Management

Spare Components (manufactured)

  • PACECO OEM Manufactured Spare components

  • NON PACECO Spare Components Manufacturing

  • Spare Component Costumized study and manufacturing

Maintenance Works

  • Maintenance contracts

  • Maintenance evaluation and assesment

  • Pit-Stop Maintenance

  • Result Driven Maintenance Contracts

  • Condition Monitoring Contracts

  • Colateral Maintenance Management Contracts

Refurbishment & Recovery

  • Modernization

  • Recovery Works & Maintenance

  • Residual Life time evaluation of machinery

  • Technical & Operational Improvements Investigation

Inspection and Testing

  • Safety Protocols

  • Safety Tests

  • Safety Certifications

  • Safety Studies

  • Safety Up-grade


  • Maintenance Training

  • Operator Training

  • Spare Part Management Training

  • RCondition Monitoring Training

  • Result Driven Maintenance Training