Terminal Systems

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Yard Management

Poseidon V4 provides several tools to control the yard, such as:

  • Real time display of the yard with GIS
  • Display the stacks according to containers sizes and its cargo
  • Flexible parameterization, separated for land and maritime operations
  • Yard occupations levels

Vessel Management:

The timeline schedules of the docks’ management can be controlled through the Berth Manager and all the vessels’ analysis are provided by a work planner.

All ships’ visits are registered in different Folders. The processes of loading and unloading are separated and managed through the POSEIDON.

The unloading can be managed globally in different levels, from the simplest to the most complex. For example, an individual container can be flexibly segregated from a group in a specific area or from a specific slot on the yard. A BAPLIE file can be loaded to compare it with the previously loaded at any time.

The loading is planned quickly and easily, including tools to work and to analyze MOVINS and COPRAR files and its contents, as well as an unplanned loading without any specification.

The visualization of the different Bays is according to the container’s dimensions and its cargo, such us the stacks already explained.


Equipment Control:

It shows the control of the productivity of all machinery in real time, values ​​of loading and unloading (Portainer), gate-in and gate-out (Reach Stacker and Transtainers) and average expected for each (Portainer), to make decisions and correct possible operational deviations.


Intermodal Terminal:

Poseidon V4 integrates numerous operations of an intermodal terminal, controlling the gate-in, the gate-out, the loading and unloading of roll-on units and pieces, as well as the loading and unloading of railway platforms.

All these modules are able to consolidate or to deconsolidate its own equipment while they are handling containers or controlling and managing the terminal with locations on the map.

Trailer Control:

All the yard tractors can be managed through the POSEIDON, showing the equipment carried on, as well as the direction toward street / stack or Portainer.

DGPS (RTT, Stacker):

The yard crane module can be integrated through a DGPS to control the terminal management. It shows its actual location on the map of the terminal in real time, as well as the assignation of orders according to its position.


Web Interface:

Poseidon V4 integrates a web application for customers, in which they are able to generate reports, make searches and equipment bookings, display different stacks, plan pre-gate in and pre-gate out, work demands, transfers of equipment, etc.

Thus, the administrative workload at the terminal decreases, providing customers current information in real time. This application has different user profiles, services, operators, agents, carriers and customs broker’s freight forwarders, as well as many languages ​​customizable to each user.

Electronic Data Interface (EDI):

All the integration of EDI messages is done externally to the application based on XML Files, which provides the system with great flexibility for adapting the different message types for shipping or service operators, without delivering a new Release of the product.

This system allows us to integrate an external and independent service for reading / writing of an EDI message and it allows to integrate files generated by other tools, that can be sent by email or to upload it in the FTP (write).

Business Intelligence:

In PACECO ESPAÑA, S. A., we have committed ourselves to adapt continuously our software according to the customer demand, considering his needs and incorporating solutions, such as automatic entries with Posts or OCR Arc, integration with Billing Systems, etc.